About Raygler

1994-1996 R&G (Raygler)
• The US based Company R&G (Raygler) was incorporated in 1994 with a specialization in the areas of the optic-fiber and light-emitting diode industry. In 1996 R&G developed a flexible full colored dynamic display for a large western electronics manufacturer.

1997-2000 R&G (Raygler)
• R&G management made a strategic move by developing the first light weight illuminated signs and introducing the product line to the advertising market.

• At a time when many advertising companies offered similar "bulky boxes" and used comparable technologies, R&G differentiated their offerings from the rest of the competition and developed thin transparent LED display panels with face illumination of the print behind a transparent acrylic cover. These panels were made with a special light-scattering matrix for maximum brightness and uniformity of illumination. The new displays had an appealing look and dramatically reduced cost of the product. It was therefore an essential for the advertising market and brought the company ahead of its competitors.

• R&G opened a direct marketing division incorporating the ownership of several LED product lines including light boxes, P.O.S. products, lighting products, etc. in Western Europe. The R&G direct marketing network incorporated worldwide distributors and Western Europe sales offices. R&G is rightfully considered a pioneer in manufacturing flawless and highest quality, easy to use, super-bright and aesthetic LED light display panels.

• Thin light display panels gained general popularity and were beginning to be used by other industrial companies. Very few people knew that they were a re-invention made by R&G (RAYGLER).

2008 Raygler USA Corp.
• The head office returned to the US and announced changing the company name to Raygler USA Corp.

• Raygler USA Corp. launched a new channel sales strategy for North America. The real value is when Raygler leverages its "direct marketing" capabilities with its "real manufacturing abilities". Our world-wide distribution locations and manufacturing facilities located in the USA, Europe, Israel, Taiwan, and China provide customers worldwide with convenient, one-stop shopping for a selection of best on the market advertising products.

• Raygler USA Corp. direct marketing products became a benefit to their customers with highly competitive costs by offering manufacturer-direct pricing, supported by extensive manufacturing and quality control.