Graphics & Prints

We recommend using Duratrans print material for your images. When using this material the resolution of your image will be at its highest and most brilliant level.

What is Duratrans?
Duratrans, meaning 'durable transparency' display material is a translucent-base color transparency film material designed for producing large transparencies for backlit displays. It is designed for making radiant display transparencies and is available in a variety of sheet and roll sizes for applications that call for great durability.

What are the uses for Duratrans?
Duratrans material is intended for large format, full-color display of photographic content in a controlled, backlit environment, so that light passes through and illuminates and brightens the graphic display. Most common applications for Duratrans are retail, advertising and promotional, where maximum color saturation and contrast are desired. Here are some of the most common applications of Duratrans graphics:
  • retail, point-of-purchase display
  • public display advertising
  • trade show display
  • educational and informational display
  • fine art display
  • lighted wayfinding signage
Why use Duratrans?
Duratrans is generally regarded in the professional large format display graphics industry as the benchmark for quality in translucent, backlit graphics media and process. There are five observable characteristics that serve to distinguish Duratrans from other backlit media and process alternatives:
  • RESOLUTION. The Duratrans imaging process yields an effective digital resolution of up to 4000 dpi, as compared to maximums of 300 to 2880 dpi in alternative processes. This allows for greater detail, crisper edges, and truer solid colors.
  • DOT SIZE. The pixel size of Duratrans imaging process is variable, similar to stochastic screening. This results in smoother color transitions within photographic artwork.
  • SATURATION. Color rendering with Duratrans has significantly higher potential saturation and depth, than do other solutions.
  • OPACITY. The opacity (ability to block transmissive light) of black colors in artwork is noticeably higher with Duratrans, resulting in crisper, sharper images that contain black elements and/or shadows.
  • COLOR LIFE. Life expectancy of colors under UV exposure is higher for Duratrans than for dye-based and most pigment-based inkjet processes.