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Do you provide wholesale pricing to distributors?
Yes we do. Contact us today for details.
What information should I provide for a quote request?
  • What size panel are you looking to purchase?
  • What is the quantity of panels you would like to order?
  • Would you like to hang the units horizontally or vertically? (Most of our panels have the option to be hung either way)
  • Requested date of delivery.
Can custom size orders be made?
Custom orders are made. Please contact us with the project details.
Do the panels hang horizontally or vertically?
Our wall mounted panels can be mounted on any surface horizontally or vertically. It is a standard option. However, our mobile panels are suspended vertically. If you would like the panels to hang horizontally we can produce custom made panels.
Which and what size is the largest wall mounted panel produced?
The Premium Series 3AA (118.11" x 59.05" / 9.8' x 4.9')
Do you carry panels for window displays?
Yes, we have mobile panels in a variety of styles and sizes. These panels can be suspended in any remote location.
Can mobile panels be hung horizontally or vertically?
A standard mobile panel hangs horizontally. If you would like to suspend it vertically we can produce custom made panels.
Which and what size is the largest mobile panel produced?
Lumix Mobile – 2AA (70.86" x 47.24" / 5.9' x 3.9')
Do you carry double sided panels?
Yes, we have double sided panels. You have the option to order the double sided version of any of our mobile panels. Please note that the Magnetic Mobile Series panel is only made double sided.
How are the panels powered?
Each panel has an adapter that connects to any standard outlet.
How long is the electrical cord for wall mounted panels?
The cords are approx. 10ft. long.
How long is the electrical cord for Mobile panels?
  • Standard - 8.20 feet
  • Custom – electrical cord can be made in any length
Can the panels be battery operated?
Our Crystal Lux Series A5 is the only panel that is battery operated.
What is the life span for the LED lights?
LED light life span is a 120,000 hours.
How is the LED lighting set up for the panels?
Our standard panels are edge lit. The face of the panel illuminates brightly and evenly because of the reflection sheet and the dot matrix pattern. We guarantee no dark spots. Custom made panels can be made with full LED lighting on the back of the panel as well if requested.
What is the standard color temperature of the LED lights?
7000 K
Can I request a specific color temperature?
For custom orders we can adjust the color temperature.
Are your products UL listed?
Yes, our products are UL listed.
Do your products include a warranty?
Yes, all of our panels include a three year warranty.
Where are the distribution and manufacturing facilities located?
USA, Europe, Israel, Taiwan, and China
What type of print material should be used for my images?
We highly recommend using Duratrans print material.
Can I change my graphics?
Yes, your graphics may be changed as many times as you desire. All of our panels are very user-friendly and are specifically designed for frequent graphic changes without the need of using a professional.
What is Duratrans?
Duratrans, meaning 'durable transparency' display material is a translucent-base color transparency film material designed for producing large transparencies for backlit displays. It is designed for making radiant display transparencies and is available in a variety of sheet and roll sizes for applications that call for great durability.
Why use Duratrans?
Duratrans is generally regarded in the professional large format display graphics industry as the benchmark for quality in translucent, backlit graphics media and process. There are five observable characteristics that serve to distinguish Duratrans from other backlit media and process alternatives:
  • RESOLUTION. The Duratrans imaging process yields an effective digital resolution of up to 4000 dpi, as compared to maximums of 300 to 2880 dpi in alternative processes. This allows for greater detail, crisper edges, and truer solid colors.
  • DOT SIZE. The pixel size of Duratrans imaging process is variable, similar to stochastic screening. This results in smoother color transitions within photographic artwork.
  • SATURATION. Color rendering with Duratrans has significantly higher potential saturation and depth, than do other solutions.
  • OPACITY. The opacity (ability to block transmissive light) of black colors in artwork is noticeably higher with Duratrans, resulting in crisper, sharper images that contain black elements and/or shadows.
  • COLOR LIFE. Life expectancy of colors under UV exposure is higher for Duratrans than for dye-based and most pigment-based inkjet processes.