Multix Light Panels

Multimedia In A Static Frame!


The Multix Model - An effective and illuminating impression.

With three times more information in a single location you can triple your exposure for a strong influence over a buyer's perception. The Multix model will lure potential clients by allowing you to set intervals to focus their attention on individual elements of the advertising image, alternately illuminating them in a dynamic mode.

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These light box panels are ideal for trademark branding, upscale interiors, night clubs, entertainment centers and restaurant decor.

It can be mounted on any surface horizontally or vertically according to your needs.

Type Frame Size, inches Product Thickness, inches Picture Size, inches Weight, pound Power consumption
A0 48.77x35.07 0.66 46.81x33.11 33 24.3
A1 35.07x25.35 0.66 33.11x23.38 14.99 2/10W
A2 25.35x18.50 0.66 23.38x 16.53 7.7 2/7W
A3 18.50x13.66 0.66 16.53x11.69 4.8 6/3W
A0-D 49.56x35.86 1.37 46.81x33.11 48.6W
A1-D 35.86x26.14 1.37 33.11x23.38 20.0W
A2-D 26.14x19.29 1.37 23.38x16.53 14.4
A3-D 19.29x14.44 1.37 16.53x11.69 2/7W
AA-D 59.05x39.37 1.37 56.29x36.61 60.1W
2-AAD 70.86x47.24 1.37